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BaseCamp Capital LLC is a Colorado-based private equity investor dedicated to guiding specialty business and real estate ventures to their financial peak through the thoughtful application of experience and investment.

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In 2008 when we invested in the first acquisition for YES! Communities, we were looking forward to a return to our roots in Manufactured Housing Communities. We felt there was a unique opportunity with the acquisition of communities owned by Clayton Homes. As it turned out, our initial investment of some $350 million grew over a nine-year period to over $2.2 billion. This was accomplished with the help of many long-term partners and associates, and we were able to guide what was initially a specialty company with a unique business model as it became the largest privately held Real Estate Investment Trust in the manufactured housing industry. From the traditional leasing of homesites, to the renting of homes and financing of homes, we were able to say YES! to our customers and give them options that fit their families and budgets, while at the same time creating significant value for our residents, our employees and our investors.

Following a major recapitalization of YES! in 2016, the BaseCamp Principals were able reduce their involvement with YES! and begin looking for new opportunities. We are excited to be able to continue looking at unique investments where we can provide capital, expertise, and experience to the creation of value.